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Urban Conservation District Guidelines

An Urban Conservation District in Oklahoma City

The City of Oklahoma City Urban Conservation District (UCD) ordinance identifies six specific purposes:


(1) to identify resources within the urban environment worthy of conservation,


(2) to maintain neighborhood character by maintaining the physical environment while accommodating desirable change,


(3) to promote reinvestment and focus financial assistance and other economic development programs,


(4) to promote and encourage compatible infill development,


(5) to encourage and support rehabilitation of the physical environment, and


(6) to foster harmonious and orderly growth and development.


The ordinance section outlines the required elements within each designating ordinance that creates an Urban Conservation District, including a boundary description and other elements such as land use assumptions, density restrictions, area and bulk restrictions, accessory uses and yard size standards and parking regulations.Standards regarding conversion of existing structures are also listed as potential elements in a designated ordinance.

If you would like to read the full details of Gatewood's Urban Conservation District
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