About Us


The Gatewood Historic District, Inc. Neighborhood Association is made up of residents of Gatewood who are dedicated to improving our community and taking advantage of the friendship and camaraderie formed at our many events. A thriving community of historic single and multi-family homes nestled between the hipster mecca of the 16th Street Plaza District and a revitalized Uptown23rd Street, Gatewood's mixture of downtown amenities and historic charm make it an important part of Oklahoma City's continued renaissance. 


Neighborhood Boundaries

Board of Directors

The Gatewood Board of Directors consists of 9 elected board members who serve a 3-year term.

Patricia Downey - President


Jesse Ledford - Vice President

Stephanie Christ - Treasurer

Tracey Budz - Secretary

Erin Baird - Board Member

Nicole Bell - Board Member

Brooke Foster - Board Member

Laurie Norman - Board Member

Candice Drumm - Board Member