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Triangle Park

The Vision

At the intersection of North Indiana and NW 21st resides a plot of land fondly referred to as Triangle Park.  Serving as the corridor to the 16th street Plaza District many of us pass the area when commuting to school, work or other destinations.  We often pass through the park on our stroll through the neighborhood.  However, the parcel of land has long been a missed opportunity of celebration and recognition of the community. 

Imagine if the park served as a voice for the community as a central focal point that reflects who we are.  With passion and commitment, we can collaborate as a community to see the park evolve into a vision of community.  Imagine a focal art installation anchored in landscaping that articulates to residents, businesses, and visitors “Welcome to Gatewood.  This is who we are.” 

The journey will require patience and will require considerable funding and support from the community to see the park evolve into the vision.  We are seeking grants, donations, volunteers, and materials to help us navigate the journey.  We all can make a contribution toward progress.

Your input is valuable in the journey.  Please read below and share what Gatewood means to you in a few words or sentence.  This will help the artist create a meaningful artistic expression of who we are as a community in the Gatewood Historic District.

Submit your message of expression what Gatewood means to you in one of the following communication resources:

Google voice message Number - 405-548-5101

Email -

Make a donation or become a member……

The Artists

Gabriel Friedman and Denise Duong are local artists and longtime Gatewood residents that are working closely with the neighborhood association to help revamp the “triangle” median on 21st and Indiana with a permanent public sculpture. Gabriel mostly creates large scale public sculptures, while Denise is a painter, muralist, and runs Little D Gallery in Paseo. They were both born and raised in Oklahoma City. They live, work, and are raising their 2 daughters just a stone's throw distance from the triangle. They are currently in the concept development stage of the “triangle sculpture” and have come up with an innovative way of getting inspiration for their

work. They have a few ideas based on their own life in the neighborhood, but want the sculpture to be inspired by a broader Gatewood story. They want to hear from as many neighbors as possible about what makes Gatewood special to them. They have set up a phone number that goes straight to voicemail, to allow residents to call in and tell their stories, experiences, or anything they might want to say about Gatewood. The artists want to hear what Gatewood means to each and every wonderful resident.  For the next few months, Gabriel and Denise will be compiling these messages as well as face to face conversations with their Gatwood neighbors, using this input as inspiration, working towards putting a concept and then a city proposal together that has as much of the Gatewood spirit as possible.. 

          So if you could take a minute or two out of your day, call this special number 405-548-5101 and tell the artist a bit about what makes Gatewood special to you. All recordings are solely for the artist’s development of the concept and will not be used, released, or given to any other entities.  

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