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Adopt-a-Corner Sign Topper Fundraiser

In May 2021, new sign toppers made their debut on the perimeter of Gatewood to identify and show community pride in our 99-year-old historic district. It’s a fantastic example of annual membership dues being reinvested in the neighborhood to keep it looking beautiful. 


Let’s keep up the momentum by bringing more sign toppers to the remaining interior intersections of Gatewood. Check out the details and order today! 


$100 a sign topper, includes installation.


Proceeds Go Back Into Gatewood

40% of each purchase will be reinvested into the beautification of Triangle park (21st and Indiana Ave.) and Trolley park (17th and Classen). The Gatewood Historic District has adopted both and uses neighborhood association funds for basic maintenance and water. Trolley park can use a little more love, kindness and care these days, especially as we welcome new businesses to the renovated storefront across the street. Maybe we even add some local art? After all, USA Today did just rank Oklahoma City's public art as the best in the country.


Pick Your Corner

Let us know your first intersection choice in the order form below. We’ll do our best to accommodate. If your corner is not available, your purchase will be put toward another corner. Click here for a Google map of available corners

Buy It As Wall Art 

No rules saying you have to purchase it for a Gatewood intersection. Could look pretty sweet hanging on a garage wall, in a home bar area, or even hanging on a Plaza District business wall. In the "Intersection/Corner Desired" field note "personal use."


Email us with questions or feedback on how to use the proceeds

In Appreciation

17th and Gatewood

Sabrina Skerston

17th and McKinley

Lynn Garman

Suzanne Victoria 

17th and Indiana

Benjamin Birdwell

17th and Kentucky 

Randy Cassimus

James Brakebill

18th and McKinley

Taylor Jones

18th and Virginia

Becca Jessop

19th and Blackwelder

Steven Sylke

19th and Ellison

Michelle Belknap

19th and Gatewood

Stephanie Christ


19th and Indiana

Sam Rothblum

20th and Gatewood

Rallene May


20th and Indiana 

Jennifer Mock

20th and McKinley

Daniel DeMoss

20th and Penn

Ashley A Schmitz

20th and Virginia

Darren Dupus

21st and Ellison

Marcus Elwell


21st and Gatewood

Raquel Frazier

22nd and Ellison 

Chanse Moucka


22nd and Virginia

Therese Williams 

Tracey Budz

Chris Black

Hector Baez

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